Your data-driven solution to delivery problems.

Missing packages aren’t your fault, But they are your problem.

Shipping issues lead to...

Angry customers

Customers expect to receive their packages without incident. Any issues are your responsibility.

Significant costs

Replacing missing packages costs 3-4x the original cost of goods.

Lost Future Sales

Delivery problems impact brand loyalty and customers' future purchase decisions.

Post Hawk helps your brand

Improve Margins

Reduce costs by identifying the root causes behind your delivery problems.

Increase LTV

Less customer frustration with shipping means valuable future business for you.

Save Time

Free up your team to focus on delighting customers, not calling carriers.

Today’s cx tools don’t do enough.

Tracking Numbers

Carrier often marks “delivered” yet customer didn’t receive

Shared spreadsheets

Highly manual & requires ad-hoc analysis

Customer notes

Hard to review, track & quantify

Tags & labels

Highly inconsistent & not granular enough

and neither do shipping add-ons.

service Upgrades

Guaranteed delivery, but very expensive and may add friction


Filing claims is rarely worth the effort & doesn’t solve root issue

Hope for the best

Not a very dependable strategy!

With post hawk brands get

Clear Tracking

Easily track and quantify delivery problems over time

Actionable insights

Identify your biggest opportunities for improvement

Powerful data

Make data-driven decisions internally & with 3rd parties


Post Hawk icons appear on the Shopify Orders page so your team can just click... capture consistent data on shipping outcomes in just a few seconds.

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